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Getting to know Earth

This is a basic, introductory and short course into environmental science. Students will learn basic information about each Earth sphere. Module 1 will include layers and composition of the atmosphere, weather & global convection currents, monsoons, the rain shadow effect and an introduction to climate. Module 2 will delve into the hydrosphere with a quick course in water cycle reservoirs and transfer processes, issues with water consumption, and the (uneven) global distribution and consumption of water. Module 3 will focus on soils (pedosphere) and their importance to life and human society, how soils form, their basic properties that enable them to store, transmit and cycle water and nutrients, and how soils are degraded by some human activities. Finally, Module 4 will tie all of the Earth spheres together by exploring Earth’s biomes and what types of life forms live in each, and the reasons for recent declines in biodiversity.

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