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  • Doctorate in Business Administration, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, UK, 2012

  • Master's Degree in Human Resource Development, Putra University Malaysia - Selangor Malaysia  2002

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration major in Human Resource Management,

    Universiti Utara Malaysia - Kedah, Malaysia, 1997

Honors and Awards:
  • Best Trainer Award, Human Resource Development Council Malaysia, 2020, INTI Scholarship 2018 for Doctoral Degree – Newcastle Business School, UK.

Professional certifications and licenses:

  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Management (UK)

Core specialization and research interests:

  • Strategic Human Resource Management, Human Resources Development, Business Administration

Research interests:

  • Employee Engagement and Productivity, Strategic Human Resources Management, Cultural Diversity and Global Workforce, Talent Acquisition and Retention, Succession Planning and Executive Development

Courses taught:

Strategic Human Resource Management, Training and Development, Organization Behavior, Leadership and Management, Staffing Management, International Human Resource Management

  • Mathews, Soney and Jassel, Jagdeep Singh (2015) A Path towards Technology Driven Education: Attitude of Teachers towards Innovative Teaching Practices. In: ABBS Conference Proceedings, 6th International Conference on Managing Business Competitiveness through Technology, Innovation and Big, 17-18 December 2015,

  • Soney Mathews (INTI-IU, Malaysia), Seema Varshney (Waljat College of Applied Sciences, Oman), and Jagdeep Singh Jassel (INTI-IU, Malaysia). Discernment of Youth towards E-Retailing in Asian and Gulf Marketing Territories, 2016.


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