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Mapúa expands global linkages for new Business and Health Sciences programs, partners with Arizona State University, Cintana

Mapúa University has officially unveiled its partnership with Arizona State University (ASU), America’s most innovative university, through Cintana Education, to expand the access of Filipino students to high-quality international education in business and health sciences.

The new partnership scales up Mapúa's DROID (Digital, Research-Driven, Outcomes-Based, and International Domain) strategy, understanding global trends and expanding its global linkages in both academe and industry to continuously become the cutting edge in higher education in the Philippines.

ASU is ranked by US News & World Report as #1 in the US for Innovation, and Top 10 for Best Undergraduate Teaching, together with Ivy League schools Princeton, Brown and Dartmouth. It is also ranked by Times Higher Education as #1 in the US and #2 in the world for global impact in research, outreach, and stewardship.

The groundbreaking collaboration will provide the students of Mapúa and its subsidiaries Malayan Colleges Laguna and Malayan Colleges Mindanao with a highly differentiated education that will be built on three core pillars – international exposure, real-world experiential learning, and digital-enhanced.

The schools’ business and health sciences students will be provided with access to ASU’s world-class content and curricula and participate in Global Signature Courses through state-of-the-art Global Classrooms. They will get a chance to learn from professors of ASU and other Cintana Alliance schools, Cintana Education’s network of forward-looking universities across the globe, which is currently composed of 12 schools including Mapúa. Students will get to study with classmates from the different member universities. Student exchange and short-term summer immersion programs will also be available to students. Mapúa faculty will also be given equal opportunities to go abroad for academic engagements and trainings.

Moreover, as a University who puts great value in research, development, and innovation (RDI) projects, Mapúa will collaborate with ASU to create new breakthroughs in the future and strengthen its RDI. Students will also be immersed in real-world experiential learning co-designed with industry through problem-based learning and modern tech-enabled simulation environments. Lastly, students will have enhanced opportunities to learn the digital skillsets necessary in this era of rapid technological transformation by leveraging ASU’s digital expertise.

“We shall be able to tap into and contribute to Cintana’s global alliance of universities worldwide and we shall be able to develop various educational pathways with Arizona State University for the benefit of the students of the Mapúa schools. We shall be able to strengthen our curricular content with access to the repository of educational materials of Arizona State University in the collaboration areas of business and health sciences. We shall be able to strengthen our pedagogies and technologies by interacting with fellow Cintana Alliance members,” said Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea, president of Mapúa.

Beginning August 2022, health sciences programs Bachelor of Science in Biology and Bachelor of Science in Psychology will be offered at Mapúa and its subsidiaries. Mapúa’s E.T. Yuchengco School of Business will also offer ASU-enhanced courses at the brand new, eight-story campus in Makati, the country’s premier business district. This will enable ready access to industry practitioners and internship opportunities at some of the country’s leading companies, which is a major edge for the business students of the University.

  • Access to Global Signature Courses co-facilitated by top-notch faculty members from 12 schools and universities around the globe

  • Unique  international exchange and summer immersion opportunities at ASU and other universities worldwide

  • Access to ASU's world-class content and  curricular

  • Open opportunities to intensive training experiences and immersive professional  learning environment

  • All-inclusive training on the latest technological and digital buildouts

  • Enhanced relevance quality of learning with advance digital competencies

Real-world Experiential Learning

Global Exposure


Our Strategies for Student Success

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