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A Reflection on Mr. Consing's Master Class in Business Leadership

by Marjorie Dipad

One fine afternoon, I met the prestigious president and CEO of Ayala Corporation, Mr. Cezar "Bong" Consing, along with Mr. Fred I. Ayala, the president and COO of iPeople, inc. In the introductory part of the program, I was intimidated by the fact that two honorable people were standing in front of me. We breathed the same air inside the Mapua-ASU Global Classroom. I felt slight pressure about my career. However, that was not the case throughout the event. The calming voice and wisdom of Mr. Consing made me feel like a child who was listening to the sermons of my grandfather. I have learned that being flexible and innovative in the face of the fast-changing market is crucial. Current market trends involve emerging technologies that positively and negatively influence the business. Despite all these, the management has to implement a strategy that can maintain sustainability and create value that will contribute to national development Mr. Bong Consing also mentioned, "If you fail, fail vigorously." I was silenced. It changed my mindset about failure. I realized that failure is part of our existence that we can be proud of as we pursue a better version of ourselves. It is right to raise our chin up but look back before walking ahead

Business leadership does not revolve around a leader; it is being a follower for its people. One illustration said by Mr. Consing that impressed me was the triangle of leadership. A normal triangle is that its peak signifies the leader, and the rest are followers—which is wrong. Leadership should be an inverted triangle. A good and effective leader takes after his followers. These followers are not mere followers, but they will become great leaders.

Lastly, business leadership is about taking small but concise steps towards success. If you are new in the corporate field and have big aspirations, the first thing to do is to write a curriculum vitae and look for a job. Every experience is equal to personal growth. Success is not defined by the number of one's achievement. Remember that success marks the people we are with when we have the world at our own feet

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