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ASU faculty held class for Business and Health Sciences students of Mapúa schools


A total of 246 Business and Health Sciences students of Mapúa University, Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna (MMCL), and Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao (MMCM) simultaneously attended a communication course taught by Dr. Susana Valenzuela, a faculty member of Arizona State University (ASU)’s Hugh Downs School of Human Communication. The course COM 259: Communication for Business and the Professions, a 21-session course delivered in synchronous online mode, was completed in one term. Dr. Valenzuela was assisted by faculty members of Mapúa, Mapúa MCL, and Mapúa MCM. This is the first co-lecturing activity of Mapúa schools under the partnership with Arizona State University. Co-lecturing is one of the activities implemented under the Mapúa -ASU collaboration. Under this collaboration, a faculty of ASU teaches a course to students of Mapúa schools. This opportunity provides Mapúa students in Business and Health Sciences programs first-hand experience in attending classes taught by an ASU professor.

This course is designed to investigate the role of communication in professional life. It covers attention to interviewing, workplace culture, interpersonal and team communication, technology professional presentations, and leadership, among others. With this course, students also learn practical skills via presentations, research, resumes, interviews, meetings, and professional writing grounded in communication and business theory.

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