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Chief Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO)

The first ETYSBM organization that catered to Entrepreneurship students, the Chief Entrepreneur's Organization, which is now a student organization open to all students, aims to perceive as a student organization that will create highly competitive and resilient innovators who will become significant players in the startup ecosystem, creating projects that will change the world.

Organizational Officers

President: Pelones, Sophia Christina Executive Vice President: Alviar, Emilio IV External Vice President: Reforma, David John Internal Vice President: Larion, Christzle Mhel Secretary: Corpus, Jahleel Anson Kyle Finance Director: Gutierrez, Deanna

Marketing and Promotions Director: Bulawan, Lyka Marketing and Promotions Coordinator: Lucea, Janna Marketing and Promotions Coordinator: Amortizado, Antonio Luis

Creative Director: Cruz, Angel Blue Nicolette Creative Coordinator: ​Oquiana, Jenesis Laurence

Community Director: Cangco, Gemelle Committee: Paderanga, Emilio Committee: Angeles, Jacob Committee: Briones, Ivy

Organizational Advisers: - Prof. Mac Franceau Panuncialman - Prof. Marthinson Villanueva Contact Details

E-mail: Facebook: Chief Entrepreneurs' Organization

Organizational Mission
To dedicate ourselves in developing its members in becoming driven game changers and establish a community that aims to create and innovate to solve problems.

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