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ETYSBM Student Council

The ETYSBM Student Council establishes itself as the bridge that connects the students of the E.T. Yuchengco School of Business and Management and the University’s administration. The ETYSBM Student Council actively seeks and creates forward-thinking ideas for the entire ETYSBM Community.

Organizational Officers


President: Martin, Francie Danelle P.

External Vice President: Cruz, Angel Blue Nicolette

Internal Vice President: Digan, Kenneth James D. Secretaries

Finance: Larion, Christzle Mhel G.

Audit: Escolar, Jillian Dawn M.

Academic Affairs: Collado, Daniel Joseph B.

Business and Management: Sy, Marc Luigi A.

Public Relations: Lucea, Janna Fel Mari A.

Batch Representatives

1st Year: Miyakawa, Mirai F.

2nd Year: Corpuz, Natalia I.

3rd Year: Legaspi, Chrischel N.

CSC Representative: Dela Cruz, Joan Kate D.

Organizational Adviser: Atty. Froilyn Doyaoen-Pagayatan

Contact Details

E-mail: Facebook: ETYSBM - Student Council Twitter: @ETYSBMSC

Organizational Mission
The ETYSBM Student Council strives to build and hone student leaders within the community through various and flexible initiatives, programs, activities, and events. It aims to represent the interests, values, and character of the student body

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